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About All Of A Kind

Tinder proudly presents a limited edition, capsule collection All of a Kind featuring 10 artists and their unique interpretation of identity captured on Fila’s Disruptor series.

Tinder has always supported its community’s freedom to explore their identity and how they show up in the world. Via this collection, Tinder is highlighting the ever evolving relationship their members have with themselves and the themes of identity, authenticity and diversity. Each artist has explored what this means to them from their own lens, and used the shoe as a personal canvas of self expression.

How To Enter The Contest

Here’s how to cop a pair from the All of a Kind Collection

Step 1

Select the pair of
shoes you like

Step 2

Enter the amount
you’d like to pledge

Step 3

Answer a simple

  • At the end of the contest, Tinder and FILA will pick a recipient
  • Transfer the pledged amount to CREA within 12 hours of receiving a confirmation
  • Once CREA confirms the transaction, your exclusive one of a kind pair will be shipped to you

This is a silent contest, all entries are hidden and only visible to Tinder.

All proceeds from the contest go directly to CREA, a feminist human rights organisation based in the Global South, led by women of the Global South.

About CREA

CREA is a feminist, international, human rights organization based in the Global South and led by feminists from the Global South. CREA’s work draws upon the inherent value of a rights-based approach to sexuality and gender equality.

CREA advances the rights of structurally excluded people by strengthening feminist leadership and movements, advancing sexual and reproductive rights, promoting rights-based approaches to gender-based violence, and supporting partner organizations and movements to defend and expand civic space and foster collective resilience."